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#5 Creative Ventures – Champ Suthipongchai on building a deep tech VC fund

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Champ Suthipongchai, Managing Partner of Creative Ventures, the first deep tech VC fund originated in Thailand. Creative Ventures invests in companies solving the world’s biggest problems from aging population, rising healthcare costs to climate crisis.

Prior to starting his fund, Champ spent time in digital transformation, laying the groundwork for digital transformation for his family business (Sharp Thailand). But, his knack for design thinking led him into the investment world.

He started angel investing in 2015 before taking a bold move using his own capital to kickstart the first fund. Creative Ventures has now launched a second fund with support from institutional investors and government organizations in Thailand and across Asia.

We talked about fundraising secrets (hint: engineered serendipity) and his investing principles.

“Our goal is to be right for the right reason, be wrong for the right reason.”